John Lloyd Fine Furniture

John Lloyd Fine Furniture

Fine Furniture Making Courses

 Open Studio at The Stable, All Saints Church, Lindfield

Saturday 13th September 2014   10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Demonstrations of furniture making and antique restoration skills by John Lloyd and an exhibition of work by current and past students. Items for sale and commissions taken.

Students at work, photos by John LloydProgramme of DemonstrationsPhotos by John Lloyd

Watch a craftsman at work and learn a few of the secrets of fine furniture making and antique furniture restoration.



11.00 am         Hand Cut Dovetails

A demonstration of the traditional technique for jointing boxes and drawers. Marking out ‘through’ dovetails, sawing and chiselling techniques. The dovetail is often regarded as the benchmark for a craftsman skills – decorative, elegant and strong.

1.00 pm          VeneeringMarquetry Repairs, photo by John LLoyd

The art of using very thin slices of wood to create a highly decorative effect. A demonstration of hand veneering using traditional glues and laying veneers with a traditional veneer hammer.

3.00 pm          Traditional Hand Polishing

An introduction to the principles of French polishing using natural shellac to enhance the natural beauty of wood. The traditional finishing technique for antique furniture.


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