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Sep 102014
Esther, Marian & Lorna - 2014 Festival Directors

Esther, Marian & Lorna – 2014 Festival Directors

If you missed Marian Cameron, one of this years Festival Directors, being interviewed on BrightFM then click below to hear it again:

Sep 092014

Huggett & Brown Contraptions!

There are two animated Huggett & Browne Contraptions, the Robot and Tandem, now in position on Lindfield High Street advertising the Lindfield Arts Festival. Have you seen them yet? There will be another Contraption, depicting the Past, Present and Future, which will be on the common over the festival weekend.

Sep 082014

Our online booking system will close at 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday 9th September) so our little army of volunteers can make sure we have complete listings of who is coming to each event.  So, please hurry and make those bookings online, just to make sure you’ve secured your place!

This does not apply to Toploader tickets, which we are keeping open slightly longer, but is getting pretty close to being sold out. If you still haven’t got your toploader ticket then click HERE.

And it doesn’t apply to physical tickets either! These can still be purchased from SWALK on the high street now and at the weekend.

Are you excited yet? We are!

Sep 072014

You could be going to one of the following events……

Liz Hinze Singing Workshops, Lindfield Art Studio’s Family Clay Workshop,CBeebies Sarah and the Duck storytelling session, Ariel Drama Academy Musical Theatre Performance, Mike and the Criminals, The Robinson Academy drama workshop & performance, Heather Martin Garden Design workshop, Nothing to Lose, JK Theatre Arts Show, Mike Reinstein Singing workshop for kids, Ensemble Reza Talk and Concert, African Drumming Workshop, Something Delicious with Jill Lewis, Burlesque class for women aged over 18, Yeah Groove, Book Quiz Evening, The Barefoot Players present The Last of Eden, Newick Folk at the Stand Up, Art Exhibition at Lindfield Primary School, Lindfield Arts Studio and Sarah Reynolds Studio, Music at Paolinos, Classic Cars, Bikes, Vans & Busses, Arts & Craft Activity Stalls, Food & Drinks, Speakers Corner, Huggett & Browne Contraptions, History Walks, Geocaching, Time Capsule Reburial, Life Size Dalek Walkabout, Wood Carving…….. and a whole lot more.

Which event are you going to? for tickets or at SWALK in the High Street.

Sep 062014

You’ll have the opportunity of seeing…..

LOGOTanzen Academy Of Dance Ballet, Great Walstead’s Forest School, Blackthorns School Choir, Ariel Drama Academy Workshop, Hula hooping workshops, Shout Chorus, Creative Writing with the Silk Road Writers,Lindfield Art Studio’s Family Clay Workshop, Cavan Wood’s Visions of Jerusalem & School Daze, Daisy White’s Booktique, Mick Oakey, Philip Craik, Will Mactintosh, David Gee, Beryl Armstrong, Nat Murray, Keith Mapp, Ensemble Reza, Fitsteps class with Anita & Becky, Circle Singing, Oathall Community College, Balcombe & Lindfield Dance Show, Inchoir , Sussex Youth Dance, Rok Skool, Fashion Show, Story Box, Poetry Reading with Diane Brookens, Flamenco dance workshop, BPM Academy Street Dance Workshop, Getting yourself published with Clare Christian, Wild Honey, Lindfield’s First Murder: 1499: a talk by Tim Stanton, Suzanne Elizabeth, Poetry Reading with Richard Skinner , Barbershop Harmony Singing by the Stepping Out Quartet and the Sound Company Chorus from Horsham, Ensemble Reza and Schools Romeo and Juliet Concert, Mike and Reina Reinstein, Fable44, Art Exhibitions at Lindfield Arts Studio and Sarah Raynolds Studio, , Buskers, Hula Hooping, Music at Paolinos, Classic Cars, Ardingly College Solar Car, History Walks, Kirlian Hand Aura Photography, Wood Carving, John Lloyd Furniture Making Skills Demonstrations & Exhibition, Huggett & Browne Contraptions, Lucy Ellie and Toploader!

What are you planning to see? Book your tickets at until 5pm Tuesday 9th September or at SWALK on the High Street.

Sep 042014

Author and Founder/Owner of the ‘Pop-Up ‘Indie’ Bookshop, DAISY WHITE lives on the South Coast, near Brighton.

She’ll be taking part in The Lindfield Arts festival with her Pop-Up Bookshop on the Common and she’ll be in discussion with local authors: Mick Oakey, Philip Craik, Will Mactintosh, David Gee, Beryl Armstrong, Nat Murray & Keith Mapp, at The Toll House on Saturday 13th September.

Buy your tickets for any (or all) of the authors on our Toll House page on the website.


Sep 032014

JK Theatre Arts

Following the success of Alice! at last year’s Lindfield Arts Festival, the drama team supported by local theatre company, JK Theatre Arts have continued their work with young people in the area by collaborating on an exciting new drama project specially for the festival. This has been inspired by the 2014 theme ‘Quintessential Lindfield’

The production ‘Time after Time’ consists of a cast of 8-11 year olds who have collaborated to create a piece of theatre from the past, present & future. The Summer workshop where the piece was devised has encouraged children to use their imagination and curiosity around the theme of the past and future exploring themes and ideas about the life around us.

A big thank you goes to Paul, Kathy & the team at Lindfield Primary School for their support.

The performance is on Sunday 14th September in the Marquee on the Common between 2pm and 3pm.

Book your tickets here: Eventbrite - JK Theatre Arts Show - Sunday